AV Base Systems

1000 Air Ontario Drive
London, Ontario N5V 3S4

AV-BASE Systems Inc. has been developing and supporting structurally integrated, cost-efficient maintenance and inventory control systems for over twenty years.

Aviation Solutions

In addition to providing fixed and rotary wing aviation operators with safety, control, and efficiency, AV-BASE’s leading edge software applications offer many benefits:

* Integrated maintenance and inventory systems to keep software costs to a minimum.
* Streamlined maintenance and inventory control processes.
* Improved communication between departments and overall work flow.
* Superior data management with numerous report generating options.
* Simplified system-set and installation process.
* Affordable and convenient subscription program.
* Flexible customer support options.
* Revolutionary Update Center for continuous product updates.
* Clear and concise supporting documentation written by technical writers.
* Extensive in-house, offsite, and online training options.
* Straightforward Windows-based functionality including pop-up and right-click options.
* High quality Maintenance Schedule Templates available.
* Easy integration with existing systems to minimize training for basic functions.