Alitalia And Etihad Airways Have Now Opened Direct Flights To Rome And Abu Dhabi.

Posted on August 24th, 2012 by in Aviation News

The current situation in the airline industry is bound to stir up some unlikely connections. Recently it has been made public that Alitalia and Etihad Airways are to join hands and start flights to and fro from Rome to Abu Dhabi. The great thing is that these will be direct flights. The flights will take place about four times a week and these flights are to be carried out with the help of an Airbus A330 airplane. About 230 passengers will be able to travel at any one time in the given schedule.

This plan is going to prove very beneficial for both the airlines in question and there will be a steady connection to the centre of Etihad operations which is Abu Dhabi. Etihad is going to issue an EY code so it becomes really easy for people to catch direct flights to Rome and vice versa. The Airways are expanding on its earlier set up of daily services in Milan.

Etihad has also agreed to codeshare for several flights in conjunction with Alitalia for a wide range of cities that include Zurich, Venice, Geneva, Munich, Athens, and Frankfurt. Alitalia in return is going to issue its AZ code in accordance with Etihad flights going to Johannesburg, Muscat, Sydney, Melbourne and Bangkok.

James Hogan who is the president of Etihad Airways and a chief executive has made a public statement about the partnership between the Italian and UAE airline. He spoke about how it was going to open up a plethora of opportunities for both the airlines and establish strong consumer loyalty, more than is already the case. Passengers can now avail themselves of a direct flight through the two airlines to Rome and that comes with its own perks.

The first codeshare was agreed upon in 2009 by Etihad and now the two companies are just building upon their successful business relationship further. Flights from Rome to Abu Dhabi were the next thing to pop in mind and it is now coming about as a positive business venture. Passengers can benefit greatly and obtain frequent flier facilities. There is now also room for a lot of extra tourism when these flights start taking place.