Production Of Domestic Aircraft To Start Off Full Throttle In Russia.

Posted on August 29th, 2012 by in Aviation News

The Russian Aviation industry is going through significant changes so that it can stand on its own feet and emerge as a worthy competitor. The airlines have a lot of backing from the government which includes encouragement and various financial benefits as well. The government has a certain framework in mind which it wants all the major domestic airlines to adopt.

All the Russian airlines have made it part of their business plans to purchase only domestic made aircraft from here on out. This step was strongly suggested by Dmitry Rogozin who is the deputy Prime Minister at the moment. He has his own ideas it seems when it comes to revolutionizing the local aviation industry in Russia. He has put forward a few proposals to bring about notable changes.

His main aim at this point in time with regard to the aircraft industry is to severely discourage and if possible stop the import of foreign airplanes into the country. It is an attempt to revive the domestic manufacturing situation and give it the boost it needs. He is of the opinion that a little unity between aircraft manufacturers and airline operators is all that is needed to make this work.

Rogozin wants targets to be carefully set and wants to make sure that enough government grants are available to step up aircraft production. He thinks that if enough funds are allocated to the cause the industry can quickly rise to the challenge. A compromise has been reached with Arkady Dvorkovich to bring about the union of producers and operators.

The makers of government policy have long searched for a cohesive plan to benefit domestic aircraft operators as well as manufacturers. Progress is underway on the creation of a new aircraft and this has been brought about by Dmitry Medvedev who is the Prime Minister. The United Aircraft Corporation and the Industry and Trade Ministry have been put right on the task.

There is word from the Industry and Trade Ministry that domestic manufacturing is about to receive quite a kick start and it is just a matter of time before it starts making several smaller aircraft which can have up to 40 seats.