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Aviation Training Directory | Aviation training marketing and student recruitment.

Aviation Training Directory supplies an independent free online aviation course advertising solution to increase the Approved Training Organisation’s student enrollment by creating a complete aviation training directory for aviation professionals by aviation professionals.

Aviation Training Directory is a great opportunity to promote last minute courses, sell excess training capacity, or simply to publish your company’s entire portfolio and increase your companies exposure. In addition to course advertising we offer many possibilities to banner advertise on the website and our newsletters.

Your courses are advertised online within 5 minutes from now. Register your company and start uploading your portfolio.

Through www.aviationtrainingdirectory.com Approved Training Organisations are able to list and manage their entire course content in one central location, targeted solely at aviation professionals. [b]Users are able to build and manage a course agenda, compare courses and book a course directly.[/b]

Users can follow all new course listings via Twitter and RSS feeds. Four Twitter accounts are designed to communicate new courses in the four main categories: Maintenance; Crew; Management and General. Interested users can choose which or all categories to follow.

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