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Corporate Flight Attendant Recruitment / Training & Cabin Provisioning Services

In the fast paced and ever changing world of business aviation, whether your aircraft is on a Part 91 certificate and operated by a corporate entity, a private individual, or on a Part 135 charter certificate, you must have the most professional and qualified in-flight crew. In a Part 135 environment the manner in which your customers are taken care of can have a direct fiscal impact on your return business. While searching for the appropriate corporate flight attendant, how can you be certain that the candidates you are looking at have the appropriate character, discerning skills, training, and diverse qualities that are needed to properly represent and project your company’s reputation and image in the industry? If you are a Part 121 operation and are specializing in a high end cabin experience for your passengers, we are available to consult with you to bring your cabin crew up to the Part 91standards.

We can help you in your search for the person that best reflects your corporate image! The professional you employ for the position of flight attendant is a direct reflection of you as a flight department manager. Whatever your specific requirements are, we can find that person for you. We specialize in flight attendants that are “corporate specific” emergency trained languages and will meet the culinary expectations for your clients.

We also provide international/domestic in-house training classes upon request. We will travel to your operation and conduct our training at your facility thus less expense to bring people to the US for training. Your aircraft, passengers/customers must have a competent, savvy, team playing, attentive, discreet and “corporate specific” trained third crew member. Corporate protocol is of the utmost importance in our industry. Regardless of whether this is your first flight attendant or you are hiring an additional person for a newly acquired aircraft, or simply replacing someone, we are there to provide you with a flight attendant that will meet your standard operational procedures.

To assist you in filling this very important position, Susan C. Friedenberg, President of Corporate Flight Attendant Training is now offering CORPORATE FLIGHT ATTENDANT SERVICES to compliment her CORPORATE FLIGHT ATTENDANT TRAINING PROGRAM. CORPORATE FLIGHT ATTENDANT SERVICES is designed to help you find the appropriate full time flight attendant candidate who is skilled and experienced in the art of providing first class five star in-flight service. Your customers will feel safer knowing that they have a professional in the back of the aircraft that handles all aspects of their safety and will protect their anonymity.

After an initial interview with those who run your flight department and/or manage your aircraft’s operation, Susan will select those candidates that best fit your standard operational procedures, and corporate personality. She will arrange and set up interviews for you with the recommended candidates. She will conduct a thorough background check on any candidate whom she recommends. Until one of those candidates is hired as your new full time flight attendant, no fee will be charged.

We also specialize in getting the back of an aircraft completely provisioned and stocked per your client’s needs. We have a nine page passenger profile form from the music they wish to have onboard to the type of mouth wash they like. Every business aircraft needs galley, cabin and lavatory supplies for passenger comfort and service. Your client’s preferences for their galley pantry and their respective religious or dietary pantry stocked items are very important. What are their non alcoholic beverage choices? Specific cereals, chewing gum – sugarless or not, wines, beer, lavatory amenities, (Favorite tooth paste, soaps, hand creams, etc.)

If you just received delivery of a newly acquired aircraft we will outfit the back from the galley linens to the lavatory items needed to keep your customer comfortable and happy. It requires major detail in providing every amenity for a business jet. This includes the correct bedding, pillows, blankets, comforters, (Are they allergic to polyester/down/wool, etc). Managing the detail of a total aircraft shop can be a daunting task to say the least! We use very high end vendors and specialty stores to achieve the best results. An aircraft is no different then their home/office at 46,000 feet!

We also do aircraft interior design. Their office/home while traveling must reflect their style and desired motif. Does your galley support food safety implementation and appropriate equipment/space for aircraft that are long range? We are experienced in the Gulfstream, Falcon, Legacy, Challenger and Boeing equipment.

If you are an FBO, we have created a one day Food Safety Awareness Training and How To Order Catering Per Aircraft Type Training for your Customer Service Managers and Representatives. We will coach you on how to implement best practices in your kitchen area as well.

Susan C. Friedenberg has been active in aviation for the last 39 years. Susan flew commercially for the first 15 years of her aviation career and has been in corporate aviation for the last 24 years. She has flown on a contract basis, as well as having flown as a full time flight attendant. Susan owns and is the President of CORPORATE FLIGHT ATTENDANT TRAINING & SERVICES and conducts training classes in Long Beach, CA; Atlanta, GA; Denver, CO; Pompano Beach, FL; New Orleans, LA; and Teterboro, NJ.

She served on the NBAA Flight Attendant Committee for 10 years as the acting Contract Flight Attendant Representative, Chairperson of the Flight Attendant Scholarship Committee, and the Vice-Chairperson position. Susan is now an esteemed Advisory on this National Committee. She also sits as an Advisory for Dr. Beau Altman’s (Founder of Facts Training) EASI Training; Executive AirTraveler Safety Instruction. Susan resides in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.